Gaynor is a professional and experienced, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, renowned Teacher/Coach, and award winning Performer and Music Director. Her phenomenal talent, leadership qualities, and expertise in the music industry has earned her international positions as a Music, Vocal Director and Outstanding Stage Performer for On-board Cruise lines, Broadway shows, and corporate events. She has used her incredible skills to perform to Presidents, The Queen and many major corporate businesses.

Gaynor’s ability to collaborate with well-known artists in the recording arena, musical theatre, conferences, & events, has made her a formidable entity in the performing and corporate world. Her commitment to the professional world of music can clearly be seen in all her successful productions, which have been accredited with awards and international recognition. Her ability to develop artists of recognition is evident, as she endeavors to produce outstanding quality, dedicated commitment and a strong creative flair to everything she does and aspires to do. She is the Piano-Queen of music.




Music Director